Installing and configuring the Stripe app

In the InSales app marketplace, enter "Stripe" in the search box and select "Stripe Payments".

Stripe payments InSales

Obtaining payment service keys

After a successful installation, go to your account of the Stripe service to the Developers -> API keys section (on the screenshot below, marked with arrow 1).

You will see a pair of keys to connect your store to the payment service. These are Fighting keys, install them only if the payment is successful on test payments.

In order to receive a pair of keys for the tests you must activate this function by clicking on the "Viewing test data" switch as shown in the screenshot below under arrow #3.

Stripe payments InSales

Testing dongle and module operability

For the test mode you can use the following parameters:

Card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242

Date: any future date

CVV: any three-digit number

Name: any name

Stripe payments InSales

Where to insert the previously received keys

Click the name of the previously installed Stripe Payments application in the Applications section of the InSales admin panel.

Stripe payments InSales

You will be redirected to the form to fill in the data. The upper field - the public key (starts with pk_...). The lower one - the private key (starts with sk_...). Press Save and the system will accept your keys.

Stripe payments InSales

Warnings and errors

If your application is not paid by the due date - it will be blocked. Users in this case will get the following message on their screen when they try to pay for their order. It will last for 5 seconds, after which the user will be redirected back to the order page.

Stripe payments InSales

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